• Katherine Nava

Zootopia: the Utopia of Family Fun!

What better way to spend the day with your family or loved ones than at the Zoo? The Zoo is a wonderful place to spend a fun day and enjoy all the beautiful animals! The Smithsonian’s National Zoo has a huge variety of gorgeous, exotic, wild animals all to observe and really enjoy. It is a place to learn about wild exotic animals, observe their beauty and behavior, and just have fun!

It is a great way to teach children about wild animals that they cannot see in person aside from going to a Z00 to see them. Children can often discover a favorite animal of theirs just by these trips. A panda is often a favorite animal for children due to their adorable, yet simple features.

After a long day at the Zoo, it will definitely work up an appetite. LiLLiES restaurant is fairly close to the Smithsonian’s National Zoo, it is walking distance. It is the perfect location and they have an amazing menu filled with the most delicious food, perfect for everyone!

This particular restaurant has delicious Italian food and they also have panda pancakes! Every child would love that especially after a fun day at the Zoo! Even adults, it is a fun style food, simple, and packed full of flavor! So why not plan an astounding day out at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo that is packed with delicious food right after?

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